We sell digital Pokemon and trade them directly to your game.

—– Contact Info —–
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 732 589 0567 (Text or WhatsApp me!)

—– How Trading Works —–
My Game Info
Name: Frosht
Friend Code: 2766 – 8714 – 3085

After Purchase, I will contact you over the email you provide to set up a time to trade. Please add my Friend Code to your 3DS before we trade and provide yours to me in the Note to seller at checkout.  I will send the purchased Pokemon to you over trade on the Festival Plaza. These Pokemon can be traded to Pokemon X/Y, Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby, Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. 

 —– FAQ —–

Are all the Pokemon Legal?
Yes! All of the Pokemon on the site are legal for Pokebank, trading and battling online.

Do you have other Pokemon that are not listed on your site?
Yes, you can request any Pokemon including shiny Pokemon with any nature. Purchase the “Any 3 Legendaries” listing when requesting any custom Pokemon.

Do I get all the Pokemon mentioned or only one in the set?
You will be traded ALL of the Pokemon mentioned. For example if the listing is Volcanion/Diancie/Hoopa you will recieve all three of these Pokemon.  For listings with more like the Shiny 6IV Dittos you will get all four.

What FREE Items can I get with my Pokemon?
Each Pokemon you order can hold an item, so you get 1 free item per Pokemon bought.  Add the items you want your Pokemon to hold in the “Note to Seller” box on the checkout page. HERE is a list of all the items in Sun/Moon. I can trade you any of these items with your Pokemon EXCEPT the items that have no Location listed, as they are not yet obtainable legally in Sun/Moon.

How does the buy two get one free deal work?
Our entire site is having a special! Buy two digital Pokemon listings and get a third free (of equal or lesser value).  Checkout with the two listings you would like to buy then include the third listing you would like in the note to seller at checkout. (This continues for any amount so if you buy 4 listings mention 2 in the note etc.).

How do I know i’ll actually get the Pokemon?
l’ve been selling for a while now on ebay (100%) and Amazon (99%) Positive feedback.  You can check out my account on either site so you can see the great feedback and reviews. EBAYAMAZON

How do I know your site checkout is secure?
The site uses the credit card processor Stripe which is a secure and reliable processor.  You can also choose to pay directly with Paypal.