Gamestop Event Solgaleo / Lunala Code


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This listing is for one Solgaleo/Lunala code! Pokemon redeemed depends on game. Lunala on Sun/Ultra Sun and Solgaleo on Moon/Ultra Moon. Code will be displayed and emailed after purchase.

Use these steps, with your code:

1.  Open your Pokemon Ultra Sun/ Ultra Moon or Sun/Moon game.
2.  Select MYSTERY GIFT on the main menu.
3.  Select RECEIVE GIFT, then YES
4.  Select GET WITH CODE, then YES, then YES again to connect.
5.  Enter your code.
6.  Watch as you receive your Pokemon.
7.  Speak to the delivery boy in any Pokemon Center.
8.  Be sure to save your game.

Hint: After step 6 you can reset the game after step 7 over and over until you get the desired nature.


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