Pirate Summer Set


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Full Pirate set!

28 Items

Sideways pirate barrel
Pirate ship helm
Pirate barrel
Pirate treasure chest
Pirate ship cannon
Sinking painting
Sea captain’s coat * 3
Pirate pants
Pirate outfit * 3
Pirate treasure crown
Pirate bandanna * 3
Pirate dress * 3
Pirate rug
Pirate wall
Pirate flooring
Pirate’s hat
Pirate eye patch
Pirate beard
Pirate treasure robe
Pirate boots

How Animal Crossing Delivery Works

After purchase, we will set up a time that works for both us to deliver your digital items.

Please provide your phone number in the “Note to Seller” at checkout. I will contact you via text message, which is the fastest way for you to get your items. Better yet, reach out to me first with your Order Number at +1 732-589-0567! We can certainly communicate over email if you prefer, but know you will not get your items as quickly.

Note that you must have a Nintendo Account and Nintendo Switch Online subscription for me to visit your island and deliver your items.

I will deliver your items directly to your Animal Crossing New Horizons town via online Dodo code. After we arrange a time, use the following steps to open your town and get a Dodo code:

  1. Go to Dodo Airlines
  2. Select “I want visitors”
  3. Select “Via online play”
  4. Select “Invite via Dodo Code”
  5. Select “The more the merrier”
  6. Share your dodo code with me
  7. I will visit your island and deliver your items!


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