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You will be traded 3 of any Pokémon of your choice! You can choose Legandaries, Shinies, Battle Ready Pokémon IV bred and EV trained; anything you want we have it!

All my Pokémon are legit and Poke Bank/Battle/Trade legal. 

We can also add your custom trainer ID and nickname, so the game recognizes it as your own! A trade prior to your delivery must happen if you select this option for the first time. Please note: Not every Pokémon is capable of this. There is a chance that the event Pokémon cannot be changed. We recommend that if you order a customized Legendary Pokémon, that you contact us first to check that all your requests are possible.

Make sure to provide your Friend Code and IGN (in game name) when checking out in the order notes.

—– How Trading Works —–
My Game Info
Name: Frosht
Friend Code: 2766 – 8714 – 3085

After Purchase, I will contact you over the email you provide to set up a time to trade. Please add my Friend Code to your 3DS before we trade and provide yours to me. I will send the purchased Pokémon to you over the Festival Plaza.

Additional information


3 Custom Pokemon, no custom TID, 3 Custom Pokemon, WITH custom TID

8 reviews for Pick Any 3 Pokemon

  1. Jared

    Found this pokestore randomly online and I have to say that it is amazing! The seller delivered all of the promised legit pokemons and was very kind and accommodating to my schedule to make the trade happen. 10/10 would recommend again and again!

  2. Raymond Garcia (verified owner)

    Best place to purchase any and very Pokemon!! Super smooth and fast. Amazing seller

  3. Jonathon (verified owner)

    Delighted with the efficient service.
    So kind to offer me a reasonable price for ordering in bulk (15 Pokémon) 🙂
    I recommend to any Pokémon fans wanting to catch em all, perfect.

  4. Jaiden

    Does this include mythicals like Arceus and the like?

    • Froshty

      Yes, this is for any three Pokemon!

  5. Jonathan Jarboe

    Does this also includes trading 8th gen pokemon in sword and shield?

    • Froshty

      Yes it does!

  6. Shuai Yuan (verified owner)

    Excellent. Fast delivery and simply the best out there.

  7. Salvador Mosqueda (verified owner)

    Super amazing service. After my deployment, I lost all my pokemon. Most I was able to recapture throughout the years, but until this service, it was impossible to get some of the mythical pokemon from previous gens. The trades were smooth, and the scheduling for trades were accommodating.

  8. Andrew Grubbs (verified owner)

    The whole process was speedy and accurate. Received all pokemon and frosty was so nice and understanding. Definitely will buy again.

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