All Galar + Isle of Armor Pokemon Shiny


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All Shiny Pokemon found in Sword and Shield

Additional non-shiny versions of Galar and most others are also included

800+ Pokemon Total


Both from the Galar Dex and new Isle of Armor DLC

Galar Pokedex 400+ Pokemon

Isle of Armor Dex 200+ Pokemon

A few shiny locked Pokemon will NOT be shiny such as Zamazenta, Zacian, Eternatus



How the transfer works:

We have a much faster method than individual trade for this offer. This process will take only about 20minutes and is 100% safe.

I will give you a Nintendo Account to add temporarily to your system to withdraw the Pokemon from Pokemon Home.



Click on add on system settings => users
link nintendo account email and password that i provided
open home with new user
get to the select game screen on new user
change to your user
chose your pokemon game
transfer the mons
close home
delete account on system settings
Picture steps



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