All 28 X/Y Shiny Mega Evolution Pokemon Battle Ready


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You will be traded 28 X/Y Shiny Mega Evolution all battle bred 6VI, EV trained and ready to win! They each come with their unique mega stone.

  1. Mega Houndoom
  2. Mega Aerodactyl
  3. Mega Alakazam
  4. Mega Pinsir
  5. Mega Gardevoir
  6. Mega Scizor
  7. Mega Tyranitar
  8. Mega Gengar
  9. Mega Charizard X
  10. Mega Charizard Y
  11. Mega Mewtwo X
  12. Mega Mewtwo Y
  13. Mega Venusaur
  14. Mega Ampharos
  15. Mega Mawile
  16. Mega Blaziken
  17. Mega Manectric
  18. Mega Gyarados
  19. Mega Abomasnow
  20. Mega Heracross
  21. Mega Medicham
  22. Mega Banette
  23. Mega Aggron
  24. Mega Kangaskhan
  25. Mega Garchomp
  26. Mega Blastoise
  27. Mega Absol
  28. Mega Lucario

You can also request non-shiny. Click HERE to check out a video of them mega evolving!

These Pokemon are Battle Ready, 6IV, and EV trained.

All my Pokemon are legit and Poke Bank/Battle/Trade legal.

This is an item that can only be traded on Sun & Moon. By purchasing this, you acknowledge this fact.

Make sure to provide your Friend Code and IGN (in game name) when checking out in the order notes.

—– How Trading Works —–
My Game Info
Name: Frosht
Friend Code: 2766 – 8714 – 3085

After Purchase, I will contact you over the email you provide to set up a time to trade. Please add my Friend Code to your 3DS before we trade and provide yours to me. I will send the purchased Pokemon to you over the Festival Plaza.


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