4 Shiny Dittos Perfect 6 IVs for breeding


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Pick either 4 or 20 Shiny Dittos with perfect 6IVs!  They are all German to help with the Masuda Method (Two Pokemon of different regions can breed to produce offspring with a higher chance of hatching as Shiny). Each has a different nature, the 4 used most commonly for breeding: Timid, Modest, Jolly, Adamant.  Feel free to request any Nature in place of these but those are the ones given by default.

You can choose the full set of 20 Dittos! Each with a unique nature. Get all the natures you’ll ever need for breeding!

Make sure to provide your Friend Code and IGN (in game name) when checking out in the order notes.

—– How Trading Works —–
My Game Info
Name: Frosht
Friend Code: 2766 – 8714 – 3085

After Purchase, I will contact you over the email you provide to set up a time to trade. Please add my Friend Code to your 3DS before we trade and provide yours to me. I will send the purchased Pokemon to you over the Festival Plaza.

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